Probably the best way to quickly cut calories out of a single day is through the aid of a smoothie. Which is definitely needed after my weekend football party or I can take this to work. Now, far too many people toss in fattening items into their smoothies, which can quickly scale well over 1,000… Read More

Probably the most difficult area to eat healthy is at a sporting event party. Every Sunday, I go over to my friend’s house in order to catch the games. While we have the local team up on full display, we also switch back and forth between different teams if we have fantasy players involved as… Read More

Last week, was week 2 of my exercise plan! I have completed two weeks of my exercise plan. I am starting to get used to my daily routine. I feel like the schedule, I created helped a lot. If I do not do my exercise at the designated time, I still do it. It is… Read More