My new Craze!

So yeah, I’m back and you might have already read my sleepy post.  I just wanted to finish that part and yeah, I slept right after I finished that post and even before I started playing any game on my phone. haha!

So what’s the deal? Well, I just wanna share some of my thoughts today and what got me really excited. It’s the old school game that has really got me crazy. I’m sure its not just me because I see all the hashtags around social media. If you don’t know what it is, then you are not cool. No, seriously, its the all new Pokemon GO!

I just really love how the developers have this brilliant idea of using the mobile phone as a locator to find your next pokemon. Although I already see so many people looking for ways to cheat the game without walking around because really, it could be dangerous. Just imagine you got so hooked to the game and you are walking the street and crossing without even looking at the vehicle passing. It’s is absolutely a very nice game and how the interaction it gives to the user but it could be very dangerous to younger generations who most of the time just neglect the real world and danger around them.

So yeah, I finally got the game installed in my iphone and starting out my first hunting and man is it just amazing. Gets me excited every time I hear my phone buzz and tell me that a new pokemon is just up ahead. It also gets everyone walking around and interacting instead of just sitting in a corner and staring at the phone all day.

Although there are still bugs and problems with the game, I strongly suggest to the developers that since it is using gps tracking, they might as well include tracking main roads and vehicles and place the pokemon on safer places. But over all, I am absolutely loving the experience.

Check out some videos I shared here where players are using drones and other tricks to fool the game that the players is moving or walking. Hilarious!


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