Site UP and time to relax

Hi, and thanks for visiting my site. The site is finally up and I found some good tuts to installing this site with wordpress and hosting it on a pretty decent hosting in the US. I have many plans for the site but its all too early to start posting it now. It’s already  a few hours before 6am and I still can’t sleep. Probably have to play some phone games to get my eyes tired and force myself to sleep.

Which brings me to some questions. With today’s gadgets, and how powerful our phones have become, what apps to you install and which ones are a must have?

For me, since I am so sleepy now, I’ll have to say that simple games would probably best suite me now since I need something to put me to sleep. I have a few games inside but its probably what every girl would place in their phones.

Yup, its Sims Freeplay. I know its already old but it just keeps me company. Plus the fashion that I can put on to my lovely sims. Although I heard from my friends of a 2016 sims free cheats for iphone, I still have to get a hold of it. They say you get to generate lots of lifepoints and simoleons through a glitch inside the game. I know of some glitch before but none compare to the ones I saw from my friends phone.

But maybe that will have to wait for now coz if I talk too much about it, I might forget again that I need to sleep! hahaha. Anyway, its still my first post, so I just leave you guys hanging so that you will comeback. Don’t forget to like my website and share it! Till next time. peace out! zzzzzz

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