The New iPhone 7

My 2years old mobile phone just gives up today. It won’t start anymore I do not know what happen to it. It just went black and then it will no longer turn on. After two years it went out.

Well there are a lot of phones to choose from, theirs Samsung and iPhone. But I am afraid to but Samsung Note 7 because it might go kabooom. Well better safe than sorry. I think this time I will go for iPhone 7. It maybe new because this is there latest model of their iPhones but I am sure this is better that the other one. And it will last longer than my last mobile phone.

I have been watching a lot of review of the iPhone 7 and so far I like all the features of this model are great. It has the same slick but slimmer design. It is a water resistant great for taking selfies in the water or even under it. And it already has an AMOLED display which way better than before. The colors of the new iPhone 7 has 4 elegant.  It comes with a bluetooth airpads by Beats and inductive charging pad where you will just put it on top and it will charge automatically.  The force touch on Home button with taptic engine is still the same.

And because of this video I saw that made me really wanna have it is this. I will never ever do this to my phone but it shows that no matter how you scratch, burn or even bend it. Still, the iPhone 7 will survive and it will work when you turn it on again. This is one great gadget and I want this for christmas.

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